Jet Managers International

About Us

Executive Summary

JMI offers unique, worldwide airline and asset management experience, providing airline based asset management supplemented by a solid track record as an independent investor/asset manager. This combination offers a unique perspective and insight or put simply affords our partners and customers the benefit of “experience on both sides of the table”.

JMI offers aircraft owners and operators the opportunity to employ a proven resource for their aircraft management needs. Specifically focusing on:

  • Aircraft Remarketing
  • Aircraft Sourcing

In addition, through its association with a selection of key private and institutional aircraft investors, JMI is able to offer other solutions for operators and owners, such as:

  • Purchase of Aircraft
  • Purchase of Aircraft Fleets and associated components and simulators

Airline Background

The vast majority of the commercial jet fleet is in service with commercial airline operators. It would seem crucial for any asset manager to have an in-depth knowledge of how such companies operate and function. JMI offers instant access to such experience based on key management roles at British Airways, Qantas and US Airways.

Aircraft Trading Experience

Airline Based – over 400 commercial jets and turboprops bought, sold and leased for Qantas, British Airways and US Airways. Aircraft types handled – B737-200/300/400, MD80, DC9, DC8, B757, B767-200/300, B747-100/200/400, F100, F28, BAe146, Dash 8-100/200/300 & Shorts 330/360.

Investor/Asset Manager Based – over 150 aircraft purchased for private and institutional investors. Aircraft types handled to date – MD80, DC9 & B737-200/300/400.

Worldwide Network

There is no substitute for being based in a particular region to fully connect with the some of the key players in any business. This is particularly true in the aircraft trading world. JMI offers the 20 years of experience in Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.